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Friday 01 june 2018

Reinventing European NGOs Workshop!

 INVITATION AND REGISTRATION  Reinventing European NGOs Workshop! 1 June 2018 at Pianofabriek (Saint Gilles) 9:00-17:00  Dear all,  Back by popular demand - and open to all - the third edition of the « Reinventing European NGOs » (RENGOS) workshop is just around the corner! Our guiding question will be: How can we...

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Wednesday 25 april 2018 - 10h30 / Thursday 26 april 2018 - 23h00

Fashion Revolution Week @ Mundo-b

Feel like buying quality clothes that respect people and the planet but you don't know where to go ? WeCo Store will show you how, on the 25th and 26th of April at Mundo-b.A unique opportunity to discover a timeless collection of clothes for men and women and to participate in the improvement of WeCo Store. Program Wednesday 25 and thursday 26...

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Friday 04 mai 2018 - 17h00 / 20h00

The European Independent Living Day Film Screening

 To mark this years' 5th May the European Independent Living Day, the European Network of Independent Living (ENIL) is organising a screening of Defiant Lives, a documentary on the history of the Independent Living movement. You can watch the trailer here.   The screening will be held on 4th May, 2018 in room PB4001 of the European...

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Friday 02 march 2018 - 16h30 / 19h00

CosmoPolitical Party. Discussion Event #1: "Inequalities - what should the EU do?"

CosmoPolitical Party. Discussion Event #1: "Inequalities - what should the EU do?" description: Participate in the definition of the political programme of the recently launched CosmoPolitical Party, a party for social justice, environmental sustainability and trans-national democracy at the scale of the European Union! We will generate ideas and...

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